Work away from office with minimal network planning

1 in 5 managers prefer to work remotely and studies suggest that some workers are more productive working from home. Meeting clients, traveling abroad or working from home – to work remotely you need to be connected with your business essentials. ProfIT’s remote working solution will keep you connected to your desktop, CRM, and documents.

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Secure channel between the office, you and the internet

Secure channel between the office, you and the internet

Work remotely, but keep your pace

Work remotely, but keep your pace

Remote access to your network

To enable employees to work effectively remotely, they will need convenient access to company files and systems. This can be achieved using a VPN(Virtual Private Network). VPN allows remote access to a company’s private network with minimal additional network planning.

VPN creates a secure link between your business network and your remote employee’s device. Users first connect to a NAS(Network Access Server), also called a media gateway, using the Internet. The NAS requires the user to sign in and then validates their credentials before allowing access to the VPN. Our helpful network planner simplifies this process and ensures data protection standards are met. 

IT policies for remote workers

Allowing access to corporate systems and information assets remotely can pose information security risks. For this reason, it is crucial to have a clearly defined risk management process and a sound recovery plan. This might mean limiting what activities can be carried out remotely, such as storing sensitive data, processing financial transactions or sending certain documents. Clear policies must be in place to ensure that your employees understand what they can and cannot do while using a VPN.

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    To be secured when working away from office companies need experienced professionals to handle the setup. For over 25 years companies have chosen ProfIT's professionals for their IT business needs.