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As technology becomes a greater part of most business objectives, IT budgets  have been growing steadily. Companies spend 6-10% of their revenue on IT on average, while smaller companies tend to spend a larger share of their revenue on technology, some even spend up to 15%. However regardless of how much a company spends, if it doesn’t invest wisely and get the most out of its tech, its returns will not benefit.

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The first thing to consider for decreasing IT expenses is inventorization – analyzing the cost and effective use of technology and business systems. This is usually the quickest way to determine whether the IT budget is properly allocated: finding better and cheaper solutions to fit your needs as a whole and by minimizing unnecessary spends.

Data Storage and Servers

Based on a 2018 survey, companies overspend up to 80% on average on storage for crucial business information and hosting business software. Understanding these expenses and fully outsourcing your storage needs to a managed IT service company can significantly decrease spends. With outsourced it services such as cloud storage you only pay for the space you use. This also guarantees a near-perfect uptime for all your essential business services, as well as quick and efficient disaster recovery.

Secure approach to decreasing IT expenses

Secure IT policies should be considered for any scenario which affects a large part of a company’s infrastructure. Our qualified professionals consider IT security as a top priority when offering any personalized solutions.

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