Wi-Fi solutions offered by “ProfIT”: for a productive and flexible work

A company “Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras” that provides outsourcing of IT services “ProfIT” to business customers offers Wi-Fi network solutions (Wi-Fi as a Service) that contribute to productivity improvement and cost reduction.

Installation of a Wi-Fi network in a company helps to ensure Internet access for desktop PCs, laptops, mobile phones or tablet PCs in all premises. Therefore, these solutions are very attractive for companies whose activities include the use of mobile devices, as well as companies that deal with intense customer traffic, for example, shopping malls, medical institutions, hotels, restaurants, etc. The common wireless network can also be accessed by peripheral devices (printers, scanners), thereby enabling employees to work in a more flexible and productive manner.

Modern Wi-Fi networks are also convenient and safe way to upgrade the IT infrastructure without any need for large investment and time-consuming repairs. A company that orders the Wi-Fi service shall receive all the equipment necessary for the wireless network from “Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras”; therefore, there will be no need to purchase expensive hardware and invest in its maintenance. Depending on the customer’s needs, “ProfIT” specialists select the appropriate hardware, install and configure the system and expeditiously eliminate any possible problems.

A stable and secure data transfer as well as high quality of the Wi-Fi network is ensured by hardware of the global telecommunications leader “Cisco Systems”. “Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras” is a long-time certified partner of “Cisco Systems” who has the right to distribute, install and maintain the company’s products in the Baltic countries. In 2014, the company obtained the status of a “Cisco Meraki” partner. Network devices of this company are easily managed in the cloud (cloud managed networking) and allow standardizing rules for the operation of Wi-Fi, centralized online monitoring and management of all network devices using one administrator account not only locally, but also in remote locations.