ProfIT Expands Its Services To Video Surveillance and Cloud Video Storage

Starting this January, the list of ProfIT outsourcing IT services offered by Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras (PKKC), is expanded with a new video surveillance solution – through which one can not only follow live video streaming from important premises, but also view video recordings and receive alerts about strangers‘ suspicious activities.

The new service includes the specialized video surveillance equipment selection and delivery, network infrastructure installation and cloud video storage.

According to Romas Rimgaila, PKKC manager, the main function of the new service is to ensure the security of the premises of a particular client. “We have introduced a service that not only ensures the security of clients‘ premises, but also gives them the opportunity to participate in this process. The main value of the service is the ease of its handling: each customer has the opportunity to enter his account in a computer “cloud” and view live video streaming, scroll and playback the videos, and receive e-mail alerts of suspicious events – such as people‘s movements, or changes in the video cameras status. Now, clients shouldn‘t worry about the safety of the data stored in the “cloud”, Mr. Rimgaila added.

The PKKC staff will take care of selecting and installing the necessary video surveillance equipment. Besides, each customer will receive a unique access code to a web portal and the mobile app, allowing live video surveillance monitoring of premises on the desktop, or a mobile device. Videos stored for 3 to 30 days can be viewed from any place with an Internet access.

The service can also be used by those who already possess an IP CCTV camera (their videos have so far been stored on a secure local server). The PKKC video surveillance solution allows centralized following live video streaming from installed cameras as well as video archives. This is highly important for those who want to ensure safety of their premises in various locations.

The new service is intended for small and medium-sized businesses, companies, hotels, offices that have already installed IP CCTV cameras – or intend to obtain them from PKKC.