ProfIT computer equipment and software rental service for everyone who wants to work efficiently and flexibly

“Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras”, a company that provides “ProfIT” IT outsourcing services in Lithuania and abroad, is expanding the range of its services and offers companies and organizations a service of computer equipment and software rent. It encompasses complete and coordinated hardware and software, its installation and remote maintenance.

According to Robertas Ragauskas, Head of the Department of Commerce of “Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras”, UAB, this service is unique, because it enables companies to work in a flexible and convenient manner. “We offer companies a complete hardware and software package consisting of a tablet PC, keyboard and display, and a port for stationary workplace. The package also includes all the required software, including Microsoft Office suite and antivirus system. Qualified and experienced “ProfIT” specialists take care of installation, configuration and remote maintenance of the software. Such service package provides more mobility to employees, i.e. if necessary, tablet PC can be transformed into a laptop computer by connecting a special keyboard”, explained R. Ragauskas.

R. Ragauskas adds that “ProfIT” services allow companies to use up-to-date equipment and constantly update it without significant costs. “A company using the latest hardware and licensed software pays a fixed monthly fee for a service. This allows avoiding large investment and helps to plan costs better. Moreover, after several years, the customer may replace the old device with a new one without additional investment”, said R. Ragauskas.

In addition to rental services of a computer equipment and software, “ProfIT” package offers full range of maintenance services: troubleshooting, consulting, maintenance of peripherals, IT audits, etc. High quality of services is guaranteed by nearly 20 years of experience in the IT market, partnerships with such global leaders as Unisys, Cisco, Microsoft, Veeam, Cyberoam, etc., and compliance with the requirements of an international service management standard ISO 20000 and security standard ISO 27001.