For its breakthrough, a company Autoverslas opted for IT solutions

A group of companies Autoverslas, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has not only created an extensive infrastructure: warehouses with an area of 28 thousand square meters and even larger logistics centers, but also invested in modern information technologies that make business more effective. They allow managing substantial volumes of work, maintaining a wide network of contacts, complying with standard procedures and making strategic insights.

Valdemaras Zakarauskas, Head of the group of companies Autoverslas offering modern logistics solutions, claims that precise fulfilment of tasks by more than 200 employees is facilitated by modern warehouse and transport management systems. “The latest technologies help us to deliver tens of thousands of freights and vehicles over a year, to load and unload them, to store them in open and closed warehouses, and to maintain them professionally. This year, we plan to increase our sales volumes by at least 7 percent; last year, they accounted for 19.2 million euros”, noted Mr. Zakarauskas.

According to Valdemaras Zakarauskas, using Vision warehouse management systems developed by Equinox Europe makes processes in terminals and warehouses, activities of which connect different points of the world, smoother. The group and its partners operate in Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China and other countries. “In January, the system will be deployed in vehicle logistics center in Vievis and in warehouses in Klaipėda soon after that. Penkių Kontinentų Komunikacijų Centras, a partner maintaining our IT systems, has introduced a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) network, which allows scanning and taking pictures of vehicles outdoors on the site”, V. Zakarauskas listed the latest investment.

According to Robertas Ragauskas, Deputy Director of Penkių Kontinentų Komunikacijų Centras, UAB, wireless connection is necessary for effective operation throughout the territory of the logistics center; therefore, equipment of Cisco Systems and Ruckus ensuring connection in outdoor conditions was chosen.  The new process has enabled specialists of Autoverslas to prepare vehicles and their components for carriage in a 7 ha center faster; accuracy and planning of logistics operations have improved. This is particularly important, when working with the major global vehicle manufacturers purchasing logistics services from the group of companies.

Entrusted with the maintenance of IT systems

Another important step taken by the group of companies Autoverslas was to entrust maintenance of 84 computer workstations and servers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Vievis and Marijampolė to Penkių Kontinentų Komunikacijų Centras. R. Ragauskas explains that IT maintenance services to businesses are becoming a normal practice to ensure smooth process management. “We follow a principle that everyone is best in their field. We have developed a concept of services for businesses, i.e. ProfIT, designed to maintain IT infrastructures of companies and to ensure their operation. We constantly improve customer IT systems and problem-solving methods”, said Mr. Ragauskas.

R. Ragauskas added that the company always offers consulting and seeks to grow with its customers. Depending on their needs, specialists draw up annual administration plans, help to avoid incidents in the future and optimize IT infrastructure.

V. Zakarauskas says that, once a proper infrastructure allowing successful long-term operation and active development of the business, has been created, the company is now able to offer the most cost-effective, safest and fastest methods of carriage of goods. “Today, modern technologies and our experience interconnect an extensive infrastructure consisting of warehouses, a fleet of nearly one hundred car transporter trucks owned by the company and operated on the basis of contracts, the same number of tractor units operated on the basis of subcontracting, and as many as four railway branch lines next to the major logistics centers.  And to ensure the shortest sea routes, we cooperate with the major shipping companies”, said V. Zakarauskas.