Cloud technology-based “Office 365” programs for modern companies

Gold Partner of “Microsoft”, a company UAB “Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras” that provides outsourcing IT services “ProfIT” to businesses, offers cloud technology-based “Microsoft Office 365” software package (“Office 365”) and its maintenance and support services.

According to Robertas Ragauskas, Head of the Commerce Department of the company, “Office 365” offers to the employees opportunities of comfortable, flexible and mobile work. “All employees of a company can access IT resources necessary for their work using different devices: computers, tablet PCs, smart phones or other devices. This offers an opportunity to work both at home and when away on a business trip or during a meeting with customers. Moreover, you will be able to download the latest version of “Microsoft Office” software package and work offline”, explained R. Ragauskas.

“ProfIT” specialists who have the specialized IT education and “Microsoft” certificates demonstrating competence and skills of the employees in the field of working with “Microsoft” products will ensure installation, configuration and integration of “Office 365” platform with the existing IT infrastructure. “Companies that decide to start using “Office 365” solutions will not be required to purchase expensive licenses and equipment as well as waste time on time-consuming installation procedures. Certified and experienced “ProfIT” specialists will create new accounts and your employees will be able to immediately start working with “Office 365” tools. Moreover, the company shall receive regular advice on functionality of the service and issues associated with the use of the service”, said the Head of the Commerce Department.

“Office 365” includes extended and constantly updated features of the well-known “Microsoft Office” package: e-mail, shared calendars, workflow planning and management tools, instant messaging, video conferencing and various documents. Moreover, you will be able to use the latest version of “Office 2013”.

All “Office 365” services are subject to 99.9% functioning guarantee of “Microsoft”; in the event of failure in one data center, services are provided using another data center. Thus there is no reason to worry about availability and reliability of IT services.