An office without wires and noisy servers

Not so long ago, it was rather usual to see workstations with numerous wires lying under the desk in an office of any company. This situation still occurs. However, in modern innovation-driven companies, the number of desktop computers is dropping; these are replaced by laptop, tablet PCs, smart phones that are not physically connected to the workstation.

As wireless devices became popular, employees became more flexible and quicker, while their work – more expeditious and efficient. The introduction of Wi-Fi network in a company ensures stable internal network connection and connection to the Internet without networking hardware, cables and wires. How does it work? Through access stations, wireless connection interconnects various mobile devices into an internal computer network. This allows employees to move freely within the company and forget about wires. Wi-Fi connection can also be used to interconnect devices located in different buildings or even different cities, or to ensure their access to the Internet. This is particularly important for companies whose activities require constant movement of employees, such as shopping centers and hotels.

One more way to achieve greater flexibility and avoid significant investment in networking hardware is to use cloud technology. With the latter, the server, where the company’s information is stored, is located in the service provider’s premises, while employees connect to it via the Internet. A virtual infrastructure, so-called ‘cloud’, is created for the company. There is no need to purchase networking hardware, servers and ensure their maintenance (ensuring the appropriate conditions, conditioning, installation of security monitoring systems, etc.). There is no need to acquire operating systems, work-related programs and licenses. Companies that provide virtual services take care of all these matters.

One-time and ongoing hardware maintenance costs become a service, for which you have to pay the amount equal to the extent of their use. Servers used to store corporate data function reliably within a professionally equipped infrastructure. Data are stored in several locations with continuous backup of servers and networking hardware. If the company’s needs have grown, it can buy additional virtual space and increase the number of rented equipment. This releases the company from the need to acquire additional equipment and expand its network. Network development, hardware replacement or update usually means not only additional costs, but a lot of additional trouble as well: dust, noise, interrupted work of employees. With cloud services, employees no longer need to leave their workstations.

Wi-Fi network, cloud solutions and many other outsourced services (ProfIT) are offered by Penkių Kontinentų Komunikacijų Centras, UAB. Depending on the customer’s needs, specialists select the most appropriate IT infrastructure: hardware supporting ordinary or wireless connection, virtual private network configuration to interconnect different branches, etc. We will prepare an IT infrastructure administration plan ensuring smooth operation of computerized workstations, servers and networking hardware.

ProfIT services enable companies to avoid hardware installation and maintenance costs, and cut its expenses by reducing the number of IT equipment maintenance employees. According to Robertas Ragauskas, Head of the Commercial Department of Penkių Kontinentų Komunikacijų Centras, reliable operation of the company’s hardware requires constant maintenance, while having maintenance employees available all day long is very costly. “ProfIT specialists ensure hardware monitoring, maintenance and timely troubleshooting 24/7. In addition to monitoring operation of the company’s hardware and network, and the analysis of potential issues, we also offer advice on ways to avoid problems in the future and optimize IT infrastructure”, says R. Ragauskas.

No wires. No noisy servers. Instead of holding meetings at a formal round table, employees work comfortably sitting on bean bags with compact laptop computers or even devices worn on their hands. Is this the office of the future? You can already create such an office.