12 regional medical institutions in Lithuania have entrusted „ProfIT“ with the maintenance of their virtual servers

„Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras“, which offers „ProfIT“ outsourcing IT solution for business, has signed a joint agreement on information system infrastructure maintenance with 12 Lithuanian medical institutions.

„ProfIT“ will ensure virtual servers maintenance of 12 medical institutions, will conduct continuous monitoring of information systems infrastructure as well as critical incident management, antivirus protection. Moreover, company will carry out regular backups of server data and provide other IT services.

Director of Rokiškis Hospital Ramunė Markevičienė is convinced that this decision is far more effective and financially beneficial for the hospital. There are several advantages of the solution: there is no need to invest in IT infrastructure maintenance unaided, administrative burdens can be reduced, available funds can be redirected for the improvement of treatment.

„A lot of specialists who day to day work with patients are employed in hospitals across the country, many electronic documents are issued every month. Due to this, it is necessary to maintain IT infrastructure to ensure it works properly. Not every medical institution boasts a team of experienced IT professionals that can quickly resolve any issues. Every minute lost due to technical problems is costly – whole treatment process is stopped, you cannot issue prescriptions or plan check-ups. Inconveniences occur not only for hospital staff, but also for patients who are forced to wait in queues longer“– says Ramunė Markevičienė.

Contract on information system infrastructure maintenance was signed for 3 year with 12 medical institutions in various settlements across Lithuania, including Rokiškis District Hospital, Panevėžys City Clinic, Biržai City Hospital, Pasvalys City Hospital and Kupiškis City Hospital.

IT specialist of Rokiškis District Hospital Vytautas Klišys says that it was decided to choose a provider of outsourcing IT services as it was not possible to resolve all the problems unaided. When choosing company which offers such services, not only the prices were taken into account, but also such factors as problem-solving time, promptness, experience and other aspects. As a result, hospital outsourced part of its IT infrastructure to the company providing „ProfIT“ IT services.

Head of „ProfIT“ Business Customer Service Department Ernestas Stačiūnas notices that a number of institutions in the regions are lacking qualified professionals therefore outsourcing services are in high demand.

„There is a shortage of experienced IT specialists in Lithuania, therefore it is not easy to find and keep them working especially in regions. In this case it is better to outsource part of IT system management to the companies that offer such services and are qualified enough. What is more, technical issues occur not only during work hours, but also after it or on weekends, when IT specialist can be inaccessible, while medical institutions work 24/7“, – claims E. Stačiūnas.

In addition, „ProfIT“ representative says that not all the businesses evaluate how much it would cost their companies to eliminate issues or recover lost data if breakdowns of IT systems occurred. According to him, not only should costs of technical works should be taken into account, but also time spent waiting for systems to be recovered as in this case number of employees will not be able to perform their work duties. Due to similar cases customers can form a negative image of the company, therefore the reputation will be damaged.