Why Are Companies Hesitant To Migrate Data?

Each company is faced with the problem of storing big amounts of data: websites with information, a mail system with all employee mailboxes and letters, accounting, and other business management systems with data processed, etc.

Information can be stored on the company’s physical server or a virtual server (cloud) of a third-party IT service provider. In this case, employees get access to their resources via the Internet, because all the data is stored on a server in the data center of the IT service provider.

The maintenance and support of servers is a difficult and expensive task, therefore more and more enterprises prefer to rent virtual servers, work with which begins with data migration.

How important is migration?

“Transferring data from a physical server to a virtual one or from a server of one IT service provider to another is not an easy process. Probably, the company will not be able to operate for an hour or several, or maybe even a whole day because of data migration,” says Ernestas Stačiunas, Head of Corporate Clients Department at Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras, which provides IT Service ProfIT.

According to him, the migration process needs to be planned. An accurate plan requires special knowledge and experience. Initially, the method of data transfer is selected (the creation of a server clone or a similar server system with the same functions). Then a test migration is performed to prevent any potential problems. The client tests the system. Finally, the time is agreed upon when the actual migration occurs – at the weekend, at night, or at another time convenient for the client. Migration can be carried out in parts when the company works around the clock.

Migration through the client’s eyes

Mindaugas Dabulis, director of the accounting management company  Findir Consulting, claims that for data migration they selected the company, which prepared the entire process in the most precise and detailed way.

“We use the concept of a paperless office. We accept and approve most accounting documents in electronic form. Our company provides ASAP online billing services, so business continuity is extremely important to us. This year we decided to use the services of a virtual server ProfIT due to their detailed plan and professional approach. Representatives of the company thoroughly got acquainted with the specifics of our activities and coordinated the transfer of data in accordance with the needs of our business,” says the Head of Findir Consulting.

According to M. Dabulis, it is extremely important for the company that migration does not affect the activities of Findir Consulting and the services provided to customers.

“In the past, we faced labor- and resource-intensive migration; therefore we avoided this process for a long time. This time everything went great. Our participation was almost not required. We avoided downtime. Therefore, I recommend entrusting this work to experienced professionals who will advise on all technical issues,” says M. Dabulis.

The modern competitive market provides a wide range of IT service providers to choose based on the value for money, service delivery speed and SLA levels. Although the process of transferring data from one server to another is difficult, and many are still hesitant to launch it because of the possible consequences, modern technical capabilities and process management methods minimize the risks of downtime during migration.

In 2018, ProfIT services were used by more than 110 new business customers who chose various IT services – from the Internet connection, telephony, data storage to servicing the entire IT infrastructure.