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IT Maintenance

Our maintenance services will ensure that the essential parts of your IT framework work smoothly and continuously.

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IT Monitoring

With the help of our monitoring services, collecting all the necessary information about your IT environment will be more efficient than ever.

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Infrastructure Planning

Our highly skilled professionals will ensure that your company has a smart, strategic plan that will improve service levels while reducing IT costs.

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Workspace Installation

Our workspace installation process is fast and efficient so that you are able to increase your productivity and manage time and resources more effectively.

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Cloud Services

Our cloud services provide safe and effortless access to all your indispensable resources, without the stress that comes with maintaining your own servers.

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Security and Risk Management

We offer a deeper insight into the nature of security threats that you are most likely to come in contact with and help protect your company from them.

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ProfIT Got Partner Status of Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Owned by Penkių Kontinentai Group, Penki kontinentų komunikacijų centras (PKKC), which manages the brand of outsourcing IT services ProfIT, has signed a partnership agreement with Sophela, the official representative of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Lithuania.

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ProfIT Launches New Website


Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras, offering ProfIT outsourcing IT services, presents its updated website to its business partners.

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12 regional medical institutions in Lithuania have entrusted „ProfIT“ with the maintenance of their virtual servers


„Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras“, which offers „ProfIT“ outsourcing IT solution for business, has signed a joint agreement on information system infrastructure maintenance with 12 Lithuanian medical institutions.

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